Indigo Coffee & Bakery

Here’s a pleasant cafe and bakery, located in Hin Kong, just across from the 7-11.

Indigo, has delicious and creative food and baked goods, all done on premises.

I’m not sure who the Chef is here but he does know what he is doing and is professional about it.     Food even comes out of the kitchen quickly, unlike many places on island and is always fresh, presented creatively and thoughtfully, it even tastes great!    

Coffee is good here and baked goods are yummy and fresh baked daily.

Try their take on the Israeli dish Shakshouka, it is delicious.    They have a few Veggie Burgers to choose from, which are all really good.    I love their mushroom omelet, served with buttered slices of their homemade breads, along with a side of salad, delicious.   They also have a very creative and delicious breakfast egg sandwich on croissant, to die for, usually sells out after breakfast time.

It’s all good here folks and you can co-work as well, with the many others who have their laptops open, working away, sipping coffee and chewing on some good grub.