Belgian Beer Bistro

This place is Awesome!    If you feel like eating some meat, here you’ll find it done to perfection.    Belgian Beer Bistro is tucked away, just outside Sri Thanu, heading North.   Look for a small sign with its name, drive in about 300 meters park and walk a bit more through beautiful tropical plants to the entrance.   

Aside from the expected nice selection of beer’s you’ll find a lively atmosphere that is well decorated and accented with small lights.

The food is outstanding, from their Steaks to their Burgers, whoever is behind the grill, knows how to cook meat and how long to keep it on the grill without over or under cooking.   You want MR or WD you’ll get it here.      Their fish dishes are marvelous here as too, they even have fresh oysters, when available.    Their steamed mussels are delicious as are their scallops and shrimp.

For dessert, do not miss out on their Lava Cake, done to perfection, not over cooked, like many mistakingly do, it oozes out delicious chocolate, yummmm.

Everything is good here, including the service, try it you will like it!