Taboon has been around for many years and is a Koh Phangan delight.   Located on your way out of Sri Thanu, heading North, you’ll find it on your right, just after the bend in the road.

Middle Eastern is how they describe their food.   It is owned and overseen by an Israeli man named Guy Newman who came to Koh Phangan years ago and fell in love with this island, as many of us do.

Guy’s philosophy is to gather people and community around to enjoy good, fresh food in a lovely, garden atmosphere, that is Environmentally aware, Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly.

The food served here is always good and service friendly and attentive.    It’s a good place to sit back and enjoy the quiet and peace of Koh Phangan, while eating some great Middle Eastern Food.

Some of the dishes here are Shakshukha, really good, a few different presentations of Hummus, always delightful, Falafel, either on a platter or in a Pita.    Good breakfasts here.

Bagel and Lox, Salads, I really like their Tabbouleh Salad.  All good here and in a very enjoyable and welcoming setting.