Phangan Cove Restaurant

Part of the charm of Phangan Cove is getting here.   Park your vehicle in the lot near Evolve Gym, at the South Side of Sri Thanu and walk across the rickety walking bridge.   Once over, you’ll see a bunch of old fishing boats, walk to the Right, over the many roots and trees until you reach Phangan Cove Resort, enter and wind yourself around their beautifully landscaped pathways towards the left or the Sea side and you will come upon the Restaurant.

It’s a really nice place to sit and eat, relax and enjoy the view, especially sunset time.

The food is really good, elevated Thai, I call it.   Chef Eui is a very talented Thai Chef and she always seems to bring to life regular Thai cuisine.   Her dishes are presented with flare and she always has fresh and perfect bunches of herbs, like Thai Basil on her plates to garnish, always fresh and never wilted, a feat unto its own.    

Her Thai food is a level above most Thai food and her presentations beautifully and thoughtfully done.    All seafood here is Fresh and delicious, from Calamari or Squid, to huge Prawns and whole Fish, her preparation and seasonings are really good, very talented indeed.

Great Seafood, as I mentioned above, Vegetarian fare, terrific Soups, Thai Noodle and Rice dishes, all good.   Plus there are many Western dishes available which Chef Eui also prepares meticulously.

Take a look inside her kitchen on your way out and see how clean and organized a kitchen can and should be, impressive.

Great place!