Haad Son Resort & Restaurant

Haad Son Restaurant and Resort is a definite place to check out while on Koh Phangan.   The Resort is lovely but the Restaurant divine.     It’s Restaurant location sits upon a rocky peninsula and if you’d like to, you can jump or dive into the sea from the rocks above, it is safe to do so.   There are steps to easily get up from the sea back to the restaurant.

Getting to the restaurant is part of the fun of it.    You can enter from the beach or from the resort parking area.  Either way, you follow a really Gorgeous path through Beautiful landscaping, overlooking the sea.     Really romantic, Really beautiful, Really not to be missed.

And their food is decent too.    Their menu is varied, offering traditional Thai dishes and many Western dishes as well.     Fresh, cold Coconuts are available to drink, they have all sorts of beverages, including smoothies and shakes.    

All in all, a place on Koh Phangan not to be missed.